Labour are city slickers

LABOUR has once again won an overall majority in Glasgow city council, despite suggestions of a strong SNP challenge.

At the local election last Thursday, the Nationalists claimed more seats across Scotland’s 32 authorities, but Labour maintained hold of Glasgow — and the results in the southside tallied with those elsewhere in the city.

In Newlands and Auldburn, Labour councillor Stephen Curran held his position, followed by Josephine Docherty (SNP) and Emma Gillan (also Labour).

Following the result, councillor Curran told The Extra: “Labour had a more local campaign than other parties, particularly the SNP.

“We were talking about the issues of the communities in each ward, and I’m really pleased we got a positive response from it — especially in the southside, where promises like extending nursery places and focusing on jobs and training for the unemployed are very important”.

In Linn the city’s single Liberal Democrat winner, Margot Clark, took fourth preference, preceded by Malcolm Cunning and Sadie Docherty (both Labour), and Glen Elder (SNP).

Meanwhile, in Pollokshields, Glasgow’s only Conservative councillor also held his position. David Meikle was re-elected alongside Norman MacLeod for the Nats and Hanif Raja for Labour.

The ward had one of the highest turnouts in the southside area, at 42.7 per cent.

Councillor Meikle commented: “I’m delighted to have been re-elected. I ran a positive campaign based on my achievements and record of action — this was reflected in my vote increasing by such a signficant amount.

“It is a real honour that people have placed their trust in me again and I look forward to representing residents”.

Langside was taken by Archie Graham (Labour and Co-Operative), Susan Aitken (SNP) and — the first of five Green wins across Glasgow — Liam Hainey, knocking previous Lib Dem councillor Paul Coleshill out of the ward.

The Green councillor told The Extra he was surprised but happy with the result, and added: “I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. I have a lot to learn but I’m looking forward to working with my fellow Green colleagues for Langside”.

At the announcement for Southside Central, SNP members celebrated as two seats went to the party — for Jahangir Hanif and Mhairi Hunter — as well as two Labour seats for (first preference) James Scanlon and Soryia Siddique.

Mhairi Hunter — previously Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency manager — commented: “The Glasgow result was disappointing for the SNP but I’m pleased that we have the most councillors across Scotland.

“Locally, my priorities will include pushing for the council to take more effective action against irresponsible landlords in the private sector, improve cleansing services and ensure that all 16-19-year-olds in my ward can access employment, education or training”.

The results leave Labour with 44 members in Glasgow, followed by the SNP with 27, Greens with five and one seat each for the Tories, Lib Dems and Glasgow First.