Kids to take the (walking) bus to school

Pupils at St Conval’s primary school in the southside have decided to take the bus to school — the walking bus.

They are joining 100,000 UK school children who are determined to reclaim the roads and live normal, healthy lives without the fear of being hit by a car, lorry or bus.

The Giant Walking Bus event is organised by Brake, the road safety charity.

The annual event aims to make children more aware of road safety, traffic pollution and transport choices.

Pupils travel to school as part of a supervised group, holding hands on safe pavements or around school grounds.

The most recent figures for road casualties show that in 2012 33 children were killed and 1,836 were seriously injured while walking or cycling in Great Britain

Angela Fitzpatrick, principal teacher at St Conval’s primary, said: “We’re delighted to be taking part in Brake’s Giant Walking Bus.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to make their voices heard and promote road safety to children, parents and local drivers.

“Our pupils will be marching and shouting out loud about the importance of drivers slowing down in our community, so they can enjoy a healthy, fun, active lifestyle without being endangered.”

In conjunction with the Walking Bus is the GO 20 campaign which is determined to make 20mph the normal driving speed in areas where people live, work and socialise as well as in cities towns and village centres.

Brake, the national road safety charity, campaigns against needless deaths and serious injuries.

Deputy chief executive, Julie Townsend, said: “The children marching for safer road in Glasgow and across the UK should send a clear message to everyone: children want to be able to get out and walk and cycle, and by not making the streets safe, we are dednying them the fun, active childhoods they deserve.”