Kids ‘loo’se out at local cafe

Newlands Home Bakery where two children were refused access to a toilet
Newlands Home Bakery where two children were refused access to a toilet

A mum has slammed a Clarkston bakery after being told a two and a five-year-old couldn’t use the toilets.

Kirsty English (34), from Eaglesham, had been visiting the doctors with her daughter Yasmin (5), and was helping look after a friend’s two-year-old daughter, Jessica, at the same time. On her way home she popped into the Newlands Bakery in Clarkston to get some rolls, when the girls decided they needed the toilet.

Kirsty takes up the story: “When the wee ones needed the toilet I knew the bakery had one for its customers so asked to take the girls.

“I was aghast and shocked when the elderly lady serving refused to give me the key. She pointed out that the company policy is the toilets are for cafe customers and nobody else.

“I was appalled to think that ,in this day and age, a local business which relies on the goodwill of its customers was treating two children in this way.

“Frankly it’s disgusting. I simply walked out without buying anything, and as I did I could see a lot of other people shaking their heads at what had just happened.”

The Extra spoke to the business’s owner, Alasdair Irvine, who told us: “In line with other tea rooms elsewhere, the toilets are for shop customers only.

“The problem here is that there are no public toilets in Clarkston so we get asked all the time to let people use ours which in the past have been left in a right state. Eventually we simply had to draw the line and make a decision, which is that our toilets are for customers using the cafe only and not the takeaway side of the bakery or for people walking in off the street.

“We do allow our shop managers some discretion, however, and in this case it seems we have been a little too rigid in our application of the company policy.”