Kids are on the right page...

Young readers are pictured at Eaglesham Library with East Ren Culture and Leisure chairman, Jim Wilson.
Young readers are pictured at Eaglesham Library with East Ren Culture and Leisure chairman, Jim Wilson.

Youngsters in East Renfrewshire have been rewarded for their reading skills and dedication to a summer challenge.

Hundreds of kids were given certificates and medals for completing the Tesco Bank Summer Reading programme.

They all had read up six books during the recent school holidays in the initiative run by national charity, The Reading Agency, in partnership with East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure and Tesco Bank.

The challenge aims to encourage youngsters to read more books and this year’s event had the theme of The Big Friendly Read to mark famous children’s author, Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday.

Chairman of East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure, Jim Wilson recently visited Eaglesham Library to present Reading Challenge medals and certificates to local youngsters.

Jim said: “We aim to encourage youngsters to read books from an early age and hopefully they’ll take a love of stories and books with them throughout the rest of their lives.

“Our libraries are an important community asset, providing a fun way of learning and developing young minds.

“The Summer Reading Challenge is a great way of inspiring kids to visit their local library and when they get there, they’ll find there’s a lot more going on than just books sitting on shelves.”

Mum Yasmin Taylor, who is a regular visitor to Mearns Library, said: “This is a great incentive for children to read more. My daughter was excited to finish each book and read the next as she felt like she has achieved something. She also chose books she would not normally read.”

Jane Snowden added: “My children were very motivated to visit the library and read more than they would normally over the holidays.

“They also learned to use the computer catalogue and were confident asking librarians for their progress sheets.”

Susan Clifford commented: “I think this is a fantastic thing the library runs throughout the summer.

“My daughter loved it and has done it for the last three years and hopefully many more. It’s an enjoyable way to keep reading.”

And dad, Peter Burns added: “This is a fun way to get kids reading and encourage them to keep doing so throughout their lives.”