Ken’s re-election campaign kicks off

Ken McIntosh's re-election campaign gets underway in Eastwood
Ken McIntosh's re-election campaign gets underway in Eastwood

Ahead of the Scottish election, former director of communications for Labour, Alastair Campbell, launched Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh’s re-election campaign this week.

Speaking to Labour Party activists in Eastwood, Campbell and Macintosh spoke positively about the achievements of the previous UK and Scottish Labour administrations.

They then called on all party members to build on Labour’s record in Government and champion its vision for Scotland’s future.

Acknowledging the new challenges facing the party going into the 2016 election, Macintosh said that “East Renfrewshire can put a stop to the SNP’s one-party state” and sent a rallying call to party supporters to “campaign on Labour’s vision for good schools, decent work and reliable public services; a positive reminder to Scotland of our commitment to build a prosperous society in which we care for one another”.

Alastair Campbell said the SNP was behaving as if it owns every part of the country.

He said: When you see Nicola Sturgeon, you can’t say she’s anything, but popular, but it’s like she’s floating above politics and that’s unreal. It’s spin and they are brilliant at it.”

Campbell also said how shocked he was by the increase in rough sleepers in Scotland.

“I came here recently and I was shocked by how many people I saw sleeping on the streets, particularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow. A progressive government doesn’t have that.

“We had a massive problem with rough sleeping, but the Labour government made that a thing of the past.”