Keep them out!

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A LARGE group of elderly people gathered at Hampden Stadium last week for a police event highlighting fraud crime.

Constable Stewart Croll told them that although they are the group within society that fears crime the most.

They If In Doubt, Keep Them Out event was consisted of speeches and dramatic presentations from local acting group Pace which highlighted the various ways the con man can separate you from your money.

The message that it’s alright not to co-operate with people coming to your door or calling you unexpectedly was driven home a number of times during the three-hour event.

Colin Miller, from Scottish Power, emphasised that people shouldn’t allow strangers into their homes, even if they claim to be from a noted company as Scottish Power.

The dramatic presentations were based on real crimes that have happened.

In the first, they acted out what happens when a bogus caller knocks on your door.

In the following, an elderly woman gets a phone call from someone claiming to be from her bank.

He tells the woman that her bank account has been compromised and that he is sending someone to pick up her card, and PIN, and it will be replaced in a few days.

Someone duly calls and takes her details and makes off with her card.

Karen Orr, from the Bank of Scotland’s bank procedures department, also spoke at the event.

Karen said that a man received such a call from someone claiming to be from the bank.

When the man asked which bank, the caller said he couldn’t give out that information.

There was also a DVD presentation of a couple of shifty bogus workers targeting an elderly woman about essential repairs needing done to her roof tiles.

On completion of the “job”, which was costed at £100, they claim there was more work than anticipated and the cost is now £1,000, which they reduce to £900.

The message, as always, is don’t pay.

In this case police strongly warn against getting into any form of deal with workers who come to the door unannounced.

Other speakers on the day included William Nicol, who was a victim of this type of crime, Alison Bannister, of East Renfrewshire trading standards, speaking about people’s rights, DC Catherine Hendry of Strathclyde Police’s Economic Crime Unit and Colin Ferguson of Strathclyde Fire and Safety who spoke of safety at Christmas.