Just that touch of class

The sleek elegance of the Jaguar is impossible to mistake.
The sleek elegance of the Jaguar is impossible to mistake.

There will be some very classy cars coming to Giffnock as the village gears up for a spectacular event of Saturday, September 6.

Motoring classics such as the E Type Jaguar will be visiting the area and will undoubtedly draw much attention from locals and visitors alike.

Other cars destined to turn heads are a Ford Cortina V6, a Triumph Spitfire 1500, a MK3 Cortina and a 1956 Pontiac Chieftain Station Wagon.

Among other attractions to Giffnock Village will be a jazz band that will set the scene for the day’s proceedings.

The band, the Westside Syncopators, will play outside the Orchard Park Hotel — so expect some hot sounds coming from that direction.

The cars will be spread around the area at three key locations: the Orchard Park Hotel, the station car park and Whole Foods lower level car park.

Organisers are awaiting confirmation but hope that there will also be cars at Morrison’s car park.

For the kids there’s the normal amount of chaos which send them fleeing into a frenzy with a bouncy castle, a carousel, a face painter and a caricaturist — all scattered throughout the area.

An added bonus on the day will be that there will be rickshaws to ferry people around the area.

Entertainment will be provided at the Royal Bank of Scotland car park.

The vintage car day will run on September 6 from 11am until 4pm.