Just £2 is all we need

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A CATHCART charity launched its new manifesto that will continue its work in helping children in crisis at home and abroad.

Project manager Ross Galbraith was joined by comedian Des Clarke to publicise Glasgow The Caring City’s five-point manifesto.

Ross says just 250 pledges of £2 a month is enough to make a huge impact and positive difference to the charity’s work.

He said: “We have launched this on behalf of the children we provide aid to simply because children are the most important people in our local and global society.

“It helps to highlight our track record over 12 years in supporting vulnerable children who live in crisis both in Scotland and throughout the developing world.

“Today we know we need just 250 supporters to pledge as little as £2 per month to allow us to sustain the health, education and security of those very children we currently provide care for.

“So this manifesto asks the people of Scotland – do you want to be part of that team”?

Among projects the charity manages are Give a Kid a Goal, a football-inspired citizenship and cultural awareness scheme and Matthew’s Farm an agricultural training school in Southern Sudan supporting 600 young farmers.

Last year it led the West Coast of Scotland’s response to the earthquake that ripped through Haiti.

Campaign supporter Des Clarke added: “This is a fantastic charity carrying out some incredible work so I am only too happy to pledge my £2 a month — which means we now only need 249 people to follow suit”.

For more information visit www.glasgowthecaringcity.com.