Jim Murphy stands for East Ren again

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East Renfrewshire MP Jim Murphy has announced that he plans to stand for the seat again in this year’s general election.

The MP was elected Scottish Labour leader in December, prompting questions about his seat in Westminster.

The announcement was made following comments from Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw, who told The Extra: “The private problems of the Labour Party must not be allowed to interfere with voters in East Renfrewshire having an early opportunity to question their general election candidates.

“The rest of the country has pulled the trigger on the general election campaign, whilst the people of East Renfrewshire are hanging on the whim.

“The Scottish Conservatives and SNP have selected their candidates so Labour has no excuse to delay any further.”

Yesterday, a spokesman for Mr Murphy responded: “Jim Murphy is the MP for East Renfrewshire and has been selected as Labour’s candidate for this year’s general election.

“The Tory-led UK coalition government are in their final days and desperate to do anything to divert attention from their poor record.”