Jim made top boss

Jim Fletcher
Jim Fletcher
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Jim Fletcher has been handed a lead role in revamping the economy of the entire Clyde valley region.

East Renfrewshire’s council leader was this week appointed chair of the Clyde Valley community planning partnership, which represents the eight surrounding councils.

Leaders from the councils met at East Renfrewshire Council’s Barrhead office on Monday to discuss how to together to respond to the global financial downturn.

The councils discussed with a representative from the Scottish Government about how its proposed cities strategy will support economic development in the region.

Labour man Mr Fletcher said: “During these difficult economic times it is now more important that ever that we work together to drive forward economic development in the Clyde Valley area.

“By working collaboratively we can have a much stronger response to the economic crisis than we would if we worked alone.

“The Scottish Government’s cities strategy and Glasgow’s economic commission recognise the importance of regions, such as East Renfrewshire, to the overall success of the Scottish economy.”

“We will work together towards the common goal of generating investment, attracting new businesses, developing our transport and infrastructure, improving the skills of our workforce and creating jobs.

Leaders also discussed Glasgow’s own economic strategy and action plan which was developed by an independent commission earlier this year.

The eight councils have been working very successfully together in the CVCPP since it was set-up in 2003, delivering projects such as the M74 extension, the waterfront regeneration at the Clyde and Barrhead Regeneration.

At the meeting, councillor Fletcher also unveiled to his counterparts ERC and the local chamber of commerce’s promotional campaign to compliment Glasgow’s economic development activity.

He added: ”East Renfrewshire has something different to offer people which will compliment Glasgow’s image as a vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

“We aim to attract more business and investment to the area, boost tourism and encourage more families to live here, which in turn will help to boost the whole of the Clyde Valley economy”.