Jeans for Genes help to inspire Bridgeton

Jeans4Genes day looks for your support
Jeans4Genes day looks for your support

The annual Jeans for Genes day returns next month (September 22) to help raise funds for the children affected by a life-altering genetic disorder.

The national charity supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder and raises awareness of the amazing families and children that Jeans for Genes help.

The monies raised fund the work of the charity and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders. Children like John Stoddart from Bridgeton in Glasgow.

John has a rare form of Mitochondrial disorder and also suffers from severe Epilepsy where he used to experience around 50 seizures a day. However with new medication, this has decreased to six or seven.

John is unable to walk, talk and has global developmental delay, and uses a wheelchair for everyday day use. But because of its size, he is unable to access certain parts of the rural area where the family live.

Another issue is that the wheelchair doesn’t have a function for John to recover post-seizure, which is essential for his wellbeing.

Mum Kimberley said: “John’s wheelchair is so heavy and rigid it’s difficult to do simple things like going to the shops because it’s so big. Unless the wheelchair is on a flat surface John is moving all over the place which is why an all–terrain buggy is needed.

“The wheelchair doesn’t have any weather protection either which means in the winter months John is unable to come out with us as he is not protected from the elements.”

With the special buggy costing £1,105, and no statutory funding available, Kimberley turned to Newife the Charity for Disabled Children – the UK’s largest charity provider of specialist equipment for children with disabilities and terminal illness.

With the support of Newlife working in partnership with Genetic Disorders UK, John will receive a special buggy that will allow him to do more of what he enjoys in comfort and safety – like feeding the ducks with his brothers and sisters.

With his new special all terrain buggy eight-year-old John will be able to do more of what he loves – which is being in the outdoors with his family. He will no longer be left behind, creating more bonding and quality time for them all.

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