It’s Holyrood or bust

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The Holyrood election is less than a month away and voters are making their concerns known to the candidates.

The Extra began to canvas the electorate, asking what issues concern them as they make their way to the ballot box on May 5.

These Eastwood residents set out a challenge to Jackson Carlaw, Gordon Cochrane, Ken Macintosh and Stewart Maxwell.

Elizabeth Kay — a 71-year-old from Newton Mearns —“doesn’t trust any of the local candidates”.

She added: “If a politician could guarantee they would make the state of the roads a priority, and follow it through by resurfacing and fixing the pothole crisis they’d get my vote.

“But what politicians promise and what they deliver is a very different thing”.

Gillian Bain (46) was shopping with her three-year-old son Matthew.

The housewife from Clarkston told The Extra: “My son starts school in a year so I will keep a close eye on each of the candidates’ education policies.

“Class sizes should be lower and the last government did not follow through with their promises”.

Thornliebank lorry driver James Munro will vote on the issue of independence.

The 51-year-old said: “Scottish nationalism is my biggest priority and it will be the determining factor when I go to the ballot box. I am Scottish, not British.

“However, the economy and fuel are also big worries. Sometimes it feels like, financially, there’s no point in working”.

Sidney Mayer (85) calls into question the campaign for a new health centre for Newton Mearns. He argued: “I hear politicians talking about it but we don’t need one — the one we have is perfectly adequate.

“It would be expensive and there are more important issues they should be addressing”.

Retired company director William Burton (70) from Whitecraigs will be influenced by the skills of the candidates themselves.

He complained: “The Conservative and Labour candidates for Eastwood are unelectable. It’s a waste of time and I probably won’t vote”.

Eaglesham’s Gene Guffogg — a 65-year-old secretary — added: “The incinerator is the biggest problem.

“They promised there would be no traffic congestion caused by the windfarm, but everybody in Eaglesham can see that is a lie — it would be the same for the Lifetime Recycling Village.

“Being a granny, schools are also important”.