It’s fashion...but not as we know it

Southside Fringe fun continues at Govanhill Baths this Saturday with a fashion show unlike any other.

The Govanhill Baths Community Trust’s upcycling project Rags to Riches is staging its catwalk debut — but it’s not just any old fashion show...

Project manager Nadine Gorency told The Extra: “We started in 2012, stemming from working in the Govanhill Baths charity shop on Victoria Road and looking at all the waste created by stuff which couldn’t be sold.

“Now, there are a few strands; education, where people can pick up some upcycling skills, and the social enterprise aspect — creating products to sell on, to generate income for Rags to Riches and for the Trust.

“We want to work with the people of the southside, and it’s been successful so far at bringing people into the area too.”

The team played a small part in last year’s Fringe festival, with This Is Not a Craft Fair — but decided to think big for 2014, and came up with This Is Not a Fashion Show.

The stage is now set, having been created for the Govanhill Theatre Group’s Hamlet — and the Rags to Riches team are sticking with the mantra that Govanhill Baths projects do things differently.

Nadine said: “There are lots of things going on here, and it’s becoming a community hub — like a family. It’s an unusual venue, this fantastic historical building, and it has a lovely energy to it. It’s great that it suited Hamlet so well and now it’ll suit us for something completely different.”

The end product is a theatrical event, complete with audience interaction — thanks, in part, to an unusual collaboration with conservation group Urban Roots.

As well as Rags to Riches clothing, This Is Not a Fashion Show will showcase work by Sarah Morbey, the students of Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow Fleamark, Gail Coates, Bedlam Boudoir and unique undergarments courtesy of Beautiful Brastards.

There’s art, music, storytelling and more by 85A Collective, Louna Productions and Altron lx — all adding up to a big night at the deep end of Govanhill Baths.

Doors open for This Is Not a Fashion Show at 6.30pm on Saturday — tickets are £8/£6 from