It’s ‘bloomin’ lovely!

Mearns Horticultural Society 2016 winners
Mearns Horticultural Society 2016 winners

It was all hands to the forks, spades and trowels as the members of Mearns Horticultural Society got ready for their annual show.

This year it was teamed up with a summer garden party which took place on Saturday, August 6.

Hosted by Peter Watson, president of the society, in his own lovely garden, the event was well attended.

After a lovely sunny start to the morning, members arranged their exhibits in 20 classes including pot plants, flowers, vegetables, photography, baking and various children’s classes.

As members and visitors settled down to have a cup of tea and some delicious home baking supplied by Peter’s wife Isobel, it started to rain.

The judges were nonplussed however and carried on regardless beneath an umbrella.

The winners were: Elspeth Simpson - First District Trophy for best pot plant.

Marianne Mair - Leslie Rosin Trophy for best vase of flowers.

Adrian Eggleston - Maitland Trophy for best vegetables.

Mary Fyfe - Charlotte B. Jamieson Trophy for best baking and jam.

The prizes were awarded in the rather crowded gazebo, but the rain finally stopped just in time for the group photograph in the garden.

An enjoyable time was had by all despite the wet interlude.

The society, which was founded in 1858 is believed to be one of the oldest in Scotland which still holds shows for its members.