It’s an Open House at Renfield Lane!

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BY WAY of rocking us into the new year, their are some determined on having a street party, of sorts.

Glasgow Open House festival celebrates its inauguration with a fundraising evening which will be filled with bands and art installations in the Old Hairdressers — and some music to really rock the socks off the beginning of 2014 in Stereo.

In what amounts to something of a Renfield Lane takeover, live acts include Jon Phonics, Sam Vitamins and Fielding Hope.

The evening comes in two parts: the earlier, free, section is in the Old Hairdressers and runs from 8pm until 11pm.

Then, it’s over to Stereo for a sessions that goes from 11pm until 3am and costs between £5-£6.

Jon Phonics burst onto the music scene back in 2008 with his debut album Half Past Calm and his most recent disc was last year’s Rugers.

Fielding Hope, better known by his DJ moniker Cry Parrot, has been at the forefront of Glasgow’s underground music scene for quite a while now and has, in the past, collaborated with Glasgow Film Festival (in 2012).

The Glasgow Open House Party is on Thursday, January 16.

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