It’s all downhill now...

Irn Bru carnival
Irn Bru carnival

WITH more than a few groans, we are slowly getting back into the swing of things after an overindulgent festive season.

And what better way to say farewell to the old and welcome in the new than by visiting the ’shows’.

Yes the fun continues over at Glasgow’s SECC as the host of favourite rides continues to entertain young and old until January 12.

A firm, family favourite is the Helter Skelter (no, not The Beatles song) where you grab a mat and go spiralling down like a mad eejit.

Or maybe yu feel like being spooked out of your skin.

Another carnival favourite, the Haunted House, is waiting for you.

And, if you like being scared witless, pay a visit to the Ghost Train — and fear that your next stop will be your last.

For the mini adventurers, there’s a 7ft climbing wall and Bungee Trampolines so you can either impress the folks with your derring-do on the clamber or jump and flip till you’re dizzy — but with a safety harness so parents need not get all frantic.

But we always return to the old standards of fun at the shows and one that never tires is the rollercoaster — or, in this case, the Big Apple Coaster.

You can zip along on this white-knuckle ride if you really dare, os you can try the slightly less fear-inspiring Drop Zone, where you and your friends are slowly lifted up high and then dropped at speed — so some form a clothing change may be needed.

The Waltzers are another firm fave for all the family: just make sure you do not have some over-zealous type spinning you or that hot dog you had could pay an unwelcome return visit.

Families always turn out in force for this annual event and come away raving about the fun they had.

A visit to the Irn Bru Carnival costs £12 and, in return, you will receive 10 vouchers each of which you can use to get the rides.