It’s a Snowball - but not as we know it

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Giffnock’s Redhurst Hotel restaurant has expanded its culinary frontiers to include what’s believed to be Scotland’s only

commercially available deep fried Tunnock’s Snowball.

But amid a small frenzy of social media comment general manager Lesley Smith swiftly asserts that the “quirky” dessert choice is very far removed from the legendary deep-fried Mars Bars which urban myth insists many Scots enjoy on a regular basis.

Sweet (and often battered) treats are what Glaswegians are known for, says Lesley, who adds: “It’s certainly not one of our go-to desserts, but it has stayed the distance as a dessert.

“We like to offer people something a little different, and this is a good example”.

However far from being some unsightly battered blob the Redhurst speciality is a doughnut fried Tunnock’s snowball with strawberry coulis and vanilla ice cream - and, served up (for £5.25) resembles a dessert entry for Masterchef.

Meanwhile it is not true, as has been claimed, that the dish involves the iconic Tunnock’s Tea Cake - the menu makes clear that the Uddingston-based confectioner’s Snowball is the main attraction.

Lesley Smith said: “We like to change our menu at regular intervals to introduce fresh choices, and while this one has been interesting it won’t be in the next selection.”

Meaning anyone wishing to try this unusual delicacy in person will have to visit the Giffnock restaurant soon.