It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird

Photo above by Johan Persson, below by Christopher Akril
Photo above by Johan Persson, below by Christopher Akril

Social justice is the order of the day at the Theatre Royal this week as one of the great American novels comes to life.

Harper Lee’s Pulitzer winner To Kill a Mockingbird has been adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel, and the production is on the road following a successful run at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre in 2013.

Set in the Depression-era deep south amid widespread racial tensions, lawyer Atticus Finch is called upon to defend a black man accused of a terrible crime.

His daughter Scout, meanwhile, is learning that appearances can be deceiving — and that compassion towards those who are different is the way to bring a community in turmoil back together.

Daniel Betts (Dial M for Murder, Skylight, The Winter’s Tale) takes up the role of the literary hero lawyer, alongside Zackary Momoh (Palm, Wine and Stout, Othello) as the accused, Tom Robinson.

Trained dancer Christopher Akrill steps into the shoes of the elusive Boo Radley, completing a cast who promise to capture the “warmth and poignancy of this best-loved classic”.

With an award-winning novel, Oscar winning 1962 film adaptation and now, a critically acclaimed piece of theatre, it seems that To Kill a Mockingbird works well across media, proving that some stories will appeal for generations to come.

The production runs February 3-7 (evenings 7.30pm plus Wed, Thurs and Sat mats at 2.30pm). Tickets are £9.40-£47.40 08448717647 or