It’s a mystery

AND now for something completely different.

As Celtic Connections continues celebrating the traditional across Glasgow, something new — and at times, perplexing — this way comes.

Manchester foursome Wu Lyf appears at The Arches this week — and the hype alone may encourage music fans to buy a ticket.

Whether it’s a revolutionary artistic movement or a media-baiting gimmick, Wu Lyf (World Unite — Lucifer Youth Foundation) has been hitting headlines throughout 2010.

Hiding behind two frustratingly uninformative websites and an empty Myspace page, Wu Lyf is rarely seen away from Manchester cultural hub An Outlet.

And although they tell the world WL is a four piece, enigmatic photos of youths covering their faces have appeared for promotional purposes featuring six, 10 and even more members.

On top of it all, a Facebook page urging followers to join the LYF and showing photos of fans with band flags and even tattoos, has prompted comparisons to some kind of mysterious cult.

But when the band is spotted, the sound is that of thrumming chords and grungy vocals — a Mancunian Arcade Fire with added revolutionary ideals.

Receiving rave reviews so far (not to mention a dedicated in-the-know fanbase) the band appears to be more than just the publicity stunt it has created.

So whether it’s about the music or not, it may be worthwhile catching a glimpse of the shady Wu Lyf — because with growing interest in them fast-developing in the music world, who knows how much longer they’ll retain that mystery?

n Wu Lyf takes to The Arches stage on Tuesda y. Doors open 7.30pm — to over-18s only. Tickets £6.50p from 565 1000 or