Is this the end for LRV?

A PROPOSAL for 19 wind turbines in Eaglesham has been dismissed by the Scottish government reporter.

According to the reporter, Alasdair Edwards, the development would have “significant and unacceptable adverse landscape and visual impacts and cumulative impacts”.

Local campaigner Harry Stewart has welcomed the news, predicting this could signal the death knell for the plans for a Lifetime Recycling Village in Newton Mearns.

The proposal for a £640 million facility at Loganswell, which could incinerate enough commercial waste to power 100,000 homes, has been hanging over the heads of local people for more than two years

Mr Stewart told The Extra: “Having campaigned for so long against LRV, this feels like the final nail in the coffin.

“It would be entirely hypocritical of the Scottish government to bring a stop to this proposal while accepting a bid to place Scotland’s largest incinerator nearby”.

Councillor Ian McAlpine says he is “delighted the wind turbine development has been stopped in Eaglesham”.

“It is close to where LRV would be located — I don’t think it means the end of their application, although I wish it did.

“It does makes it much harder for LRV, but as we all know the reporters can make up their minds differently for each decision and can make unusual decisions. You can never guarantee what they will decide”.

Meanwhile, ERC Conservative group leader Gordon Wallace believes the decision is a blow for the local economy.

He said: “Whilst a win for wind-farm sceptics, the community stood to gain from much needed revenue, double that presently received from Whitelee via Scottish Power.

“The appeal was refused in terms of visual impact although why this site compares unfavourably to that of Whitelee is perhaps difficult for non-environmentalists to comprehend.

“Just what this means for the viability of future developments in the area is as yet unknown.

“It must surely give credence to the view of many that part of East Renfrewshire’s great appeal is our surrounding countryside and perhaps provide a note of caution to others with similar proposals for development on our much valued boundaries”

West of Scotland SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell has however welcomed the decision.

He said: “It is yet another blow to LRV’s proposal to bring Europe’s largest waste incinerator to Newton Mearns.

“LRV runs counter to the Scottish government’s policy against large-scale, inefficient waste incinerators and the people of East Renfrewshire have been clear in their opposition to it.

“The developers must now realise that their unwanted and unnecessary plans are dead in the water.”

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh added: “Unfortunately I suspect we will have to wait a little longer before the supporters of LRV finally recognise there is no hope and no future for this project in East Renfrewshire.”