Is independence back on the cards?

How Scotland voted
How Scotland voted

East Renfrewshire delivered a verdict of 39,345 votes to remain a member of the European Union and 13,596 votes to leave, in last week’s EU Referendum.

And with a local turn out of 76.1 per cent, East Renfrewshire’s Counting Officer, Lorraine McMillan, has thanked voters for delivering another high turnout.

She said: “We have once more recorded a high turnout and I would like to thank local voters for getting out and having their say in the EU Referendum.”

Jackson Carlaw, MSP for Eastwood, said: “I welcome the strong Remain vote in Eastwood. Having started off as ambivalent about this referendum I became increasingly committed to remaining within the European Union.

“I truly believe we should have been leading and not leaving Europe.

“The Prime Minister, David Cameron, continues to serve this country with the dignity to which we have become accustomed. He will provide stability as the country finds it its feet.”

Speaking after the declaration, Kirsten Oswald said: “I am heartened East Renfrewshire voted so decisively to remain part of the European Union, giving a very clear view from our communities that our interests are best served by remaining in the EU.

“The results from other areas of the UK mean we now face being removed from the EU against our will and against our interests. This is democratically unacceptable.

“The First Minister has said she will engage directly with European partners to explore ways to stop this from happening. I fully support her in this, and in her focus on constructive discussions to address the immediate economic and social shocks the result has caused.

Meanwhile, ministerial and cabinet posts are vacated as arguments continue.