Is Glasgow’s red square going green?

RESIDENTS of Glasgow are invited to share their opinions on the future of George Square.

Glasgow city council has announced the launch of a consultation ahead of a refurbishment of the city centre space, for which it has set aside £15 million.

It is hoped that the first phase of the makeover will be finished in time for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The last refurbishment, in 1998, caused controversy when the council laid tarmac over the grass and ripped out trees, in order to use the space as a venue for concerts, festivals and holiday celebrations.

Council leader Gordon Matheson said: “Glaswegians regard George Square as the very heart of the city, so whatever goes on there is very important to the people.

“But at the moment, George Square looks tired.

“There are also competing demands placed on it. On the one hand, thousands of people use it for major events.

“It’s also used as a place to sit around and watch life pass by.

“But at the moment it’s not equipped to perform either of those roles particularly well”.

Greenery seems to be top of the agenda for southsiders — a quick poll on Facebook and Twitter saw numerous responses, with Andy Loudon commenting: “Bring back the grass!”

Community site What’s On East Renfrewshire agreed, tweeting that it would be good to see “the trees put back”.

Pat Lodge Masterman added that the council should think twice about their Olympic celebrations, commenting: “Get rid of the wheel (a ride installed to commemorate the Games) — it’s an eyesore”.

The consultation will take place between August and September, and it is hoped that work will begin in the square by next year.