Illegal parking 
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East Renfrewshire council is set to step up its parking enforcement from April next year.

At a recent cabinet meeting, councillors were updated on plans for community wardens — currently 21 — to take over the duties which are currently the remit of police.

The council is now set to seek approval from the Scottish government to decriminalise parking within the local authority from April 1 2013.

ERC has completed and submitted a formal application to make orders for the decriminalisation of parking enforcement and are currently working closely with Glasgow city council on the proposal.

Environment convener, councillor Tony Buchanan, said: “In 2011, Strathclyde Police contacted councils to notify them of their intention to withdraw traffic warden services.

“Our roads and community safety service have been working to deliver the submission which is now before the Scottish government for approval and the business case which is ready for submission.

“We are now aiming to be in a position to take this duty over from police by April next year, subject to approval from the Scottish government.”

Leader of the opposition, councillor Gordon Wallace, has also welcomed the move.

He told The Extra: “As the commuter routes continue to get busier in line with outlying new housing developments it is important to ensure that traffic and pedestrians alike can progress unhindered.

“The use of the existing team of council wardens should ensure that local enforcement can be undertaken without a significant increase in cost.

“My only concern is that the new powers are used with appropriate discretion and not as a means of generating income for the council at the cost of local traders”.

At the cabinet meeting, councillor Alan Lafferty confirmed traffic wardens would not be a “money making exercise”.

The next stages include receiving formal notification from the Scottish government. Council officers will also sign off a formal service level agreement with Glasgow city council.

Clarkson resident Lorraine Morrow thinks the move is necessary.

She said: “People parking on the zig zags on Clarkston Toll is a real problem. I have seen the police talk to people about this on numerous occasions!

“Do not even get me started on the folk who park on Clarkston Road — there should be double yellows from the bus stop to the lights”.