Iain’s life story to aid cancer care

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Patients at West of Scotland Cancer Centre The Beatson are to benefit from royalties of a book by one of their bestknown patients, actor Iain McColl.

McColl, who shot to fame in the comedy series

His dying wish was that his sister, Martha Brindley, should complete his autobiography entitled

“It was a daunting task,” said Martha, “and, at times, I wondered why I had agreed to take it on.

“But I know that when I’ve held a copy of his book in my hands, I’ll be so proud of what we both achieved.”

The autobiography recounts events from Iain’s youth — growing up in the southside areas of Tradeston and Pollok — through to some of the most turbulent times in the actor’s life.

Martha had taken on a gargantuan task in completing the book and had another uphill struggle navigating the equally daunting route of self-publishing.

She told The Extra: “I realised that, to funnel as much funding as possible to the clinic, I would have to self-

“I understand that publishers have to make a profit but, to maximise royalty contributions, I had to do it 

McColl’s IMDB acting chronology reads as an anthology of mainly comedy but, Martha, says. few knew the serious actor in him.

“He was in loads of things,” said Martha, “He was in Martin Scorcese’s

“He was also in

“He was a multi-faceted character and had a wild side but, to me, he was just my brother.”