Hundreds of residents respond to the East Renfrewshire Citizens’ Panel survey

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East Renfrewshire residents have shown their satisfaction with the area in the results of the latest Citizens’ Panel.

Key findings showed that 94 per cent of residents are satisfied with East Renfrewshire as a place to live, with 72 per cent satisfied with Council services.

Residents overall felt a strong sense of belonging to their community and agreed that people from different backgrounds get on well.

The majority of residents indicated that they had people in their community they could rely on.

Overall, residents were most positive about education, with 98 per cent rating primary education and 96 per cent rating secondary education positively.

Public parks and open spaces were also rated positively at 94 per cent and libraries at 93 per cent.

Council leader Tony Buchanan said: “It is extremely pleasing that this year’s Citizens’ Panel results show that residents continue to value the safety, family values, reputation and educational prospects which are provided when living in East Renfrewshire.

“We have strong communities throughout and will continue to deliver services which best meet our residents’ needs.

“The financial constraints which we face are substantial, however, it is encouraging that residents view East Renfrewshire as a modern, forward-thinking local authority.

“It is our innovation, and focus on driving up efficiencies which has helped us to continue to protect the services most valued by our residents, whilst also making the budget savings which have been required.

“It is particularly pleasing to see an increase in residents who felt staff are caring, as this is the ethos which is promoted across the Council.”

Cllr Buchanan added: “We will continue to aim to provide the best services possible, and strive to make East Renfrewshire the most desirable place in Scotland to live, work and visit.”

However, respondents were less positive about the area’s footpaths and roads, although in 2018 the Council invested an additional £1.6m to improve footpaths and roads, as this is an area of importance to communities.

Other highlights within the report showed that residents thought the Council and its staff were professional (75 per cent), helpful (76 per cent), caring (64 per cent) and efficient (65 per cent) with the majority of respondents agreeing that their communities were supportive of children, young people and older people.

The Citizens’ Panel results, as well as details on how to become a panel member, are available on the East Renfrewshire Council website.