How training classes did the trick for Eve

Pam and Eve
Pam and Eve

Animal lover Pam Charlton is devoted to her Staffordshire bull terrier Eve, but her pet’s problems were starting to become a major nuisance.

Pam was initially at a loss how to deal with the constant worry that Eve’s constant pulling on her lead when near any other dog, but it turned out charity the Dog’s Trust had the solution.

She said: “It became such an issue for me that I started having to get up earlier in the morning and walk Eve at 6am to try and avoid meeting other dogs.

“This took a real toll on me and made what should be an enjoyable aspect of owning a dog something that made me very nervous.”

She tried some obvious remedies, but found that walks suddenly had become “something that neither of us enjoyed anymore.”

Pam said: “I knew something had to change, so decided to take Eve along to training classes at Dog School Glasgow.

“I enrolled Eve on a 10-week training course and during the introduction class I was told how dogs can learn from their experiences.

“If a behaviour they display successfully achieves what they want - such as pulling on the lead - then it is likely they will continue this tactic until it becomes a regular habit.

“I wanted to give Eve the most fulfilling life so I really felt these classes could help tailor her behaviour

to suit day-to- day life and they definitely exceeded my expectations.”

She added: “During classes I was given one to one assistance to ensure Eve was making progress, as well as

working on improving my own confidence on how to train her.”

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