How much is too much?

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SOME 280,000 Scots expect to miss their rental or mortgage payment this month in order to pay for Christmas, according to Shelter Scotland.

A YouGov survey for the charity reveals 8% of tenants expect to skip their December rent, which it says is equivalent to 83,690 people.

And seven per cent of Scottish homeowners, equivalent to 196,000 people, have already taken or are considering taking a break from their mortgage payments to cover the cost of the festive season.

But are southsiders watching the pennies this Christmas?

Alan Perris (74) from Giffnock believes there is “far too much pressure to spend.

“With the way things are financially at the moment, people do not seem to be slowing down their spending. They seem happy to get into credit.

“However, I’m a shop owner so I hope people keep spending”.

William Barker has three children to buy for this Christmas — aged 13, four and two.

The 37-year-old HGV driver from Newton Mearns told The Extra: “The financial climate is getting worse but kids just want more expensive presents. “My oldest wants a laptop this year. There should be a ban on targeting children in TV advertising — that may help matters”.

Walter Bauld — a 71-year-old who was spending the day looking after his 16-week-old grandson — does not do any Christmas shopping.

He told The Extra: “I just leave it all to my wife and wait for the massive bill to come around at new year.

“We have three daughters and four grandchildren to buy for so we only buy gifts for our immediate family.

“I’m happy to spoil them though, it’s worth it”.

Mary Helen Beckitt (61) from Busby believes it’s “worth splashing out once a year”.

She told The Extra: “It’s only money and I love spoiling my granchildren just to see the look on their wee faces”.

Ronnie Muir, a 58-year-old from Shawlands thinks the “heart can rule the brain when it comes to Christmas”.

“With this recession you would think people would spend less, but that just does not seem to be the case.

“Common sense goes out the window at this time of year”.

.Alec Edwards, a 70-year-old from Newton Mearns is heading to Alberta, Canada to spend Christmas with his daughter.

He said: “It will be worth it just so I can see my family and get away from this horrible, unpredictable weather.

“My daughter always wants me to bring clothes from Glasgow because she thinks the shopping is better, and I’m happy to spend on her!”