Housing association slammed by tenant

Roof damage in Glen Oaks flat
Roof damage in Glen Oaks flat

A 60-year-old man who cares for his 94-year-old mother has accused his housing association of leaving them in the lurch.

David Rees, (62) from Arden is a full-time carer for his mother, Lillian who suffers from Alzheimers among other conditions, meaning she requires to be showered daily.

Following the flood which devastated both their bathroom and kitchen, Mrs Rees was unable to bathe for a period of 11 days.

The flood, caused by an upstairs property, saw David asking Glen Oaks Housing Association to ensure repairs were carried out as a priority given his caring role - and the fcat he looks after an elderly 94-year-old lady.

He claims that since the incident, which occurred on March 17, he has had to struggle and fight to get Glen Oaks to do anything.

David told The Extra: “After a comedy of errors by joiners and electricians I was told by a pompous, arrogant staff member that they would not be taking responsibility for anything and all they would do is replace the ceilings.

“I was soaked through with filthy brown water and received an infection which lasted for four days.

“My hall carpet is ruined and the walls are brown with the paper peeling off. My mothers house insurance means we have to pay the first £245. So here we are 11 days later waiting for a painter who will only paint the ceilings and I will have to pay for a decorator to finish the job. I guess my Mum won’t be getting a shower or using the toilet for a good while yet.”

Glen Oakes responded saying: ““We were very sorry indeed about what happened to the home of Mr Rees and his mother as a result of the flood from an upstairs property. Initial, temporary repairs were made within a four-hour period.

“Housing associations like Glen Oaks must carry out repairs to the fabric of the building after such things as a flood but it is well understood by tenants that they should havecontents insurance to cover such eventualities should there be damage to any contents. We have advised Mr Rees that he must claim under his contents insurance as any householder would do whether tenant or not.”