Hotel steps up to ease parking pressures

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Shopping in Busby and Clarkston just got easier, despite an appeal from East Ren Council for drivers to steer clear of parking on-street while workers erect new signage and paint new road markings.

Residents can now back The Extra’s appeal to Shop Local in support of local businesses thanks to an offer of parking hospitality from owners of the recently-refurbished Busby Hotel.

A spokesman said: “We are more than happy to allow residents to use the Busby Hotel’s car park while carrying out their Christmas shopping in the area.

“We hope this helps alleviate some pressure with the new parking by-laws situation.”

A council spokesman explained: “The roads team have started painting the new lines and have been working at Drumby Crescent, Golf Road, part of Eastwoodmains Road, Aidan’s Brae and part of Mearns Rd.

“They intend then to move on to Mearns Road, Benview Road, Sunnyside Drive, Seres Road and Stewart Drive.

“The intention is to keep the roads as clear as possible to enable the contractor to work.

“Sometimes this means that parking bays are suspended so that the contractor can get the lorry in and keep traffic moving around them.

“Before they can re-line, the contractor has to dry the road and this can take time.

“However, quite a bit of progress has been made to date due to favourable weather conditions.”

He added: “We are trying to be reasonable and when we have finished a length of road we move the cones.

“The roads team needs to have the area clear as early as possible on the lengths of road they intend to work on, so that no cars are parked there when they attempt to do this essential work.

“The alternative is that it takes even longer to do this job which would cause more disruption.

“There should be no effect on the shops as the restrictions being put in place are only there while we work and are short term.”