Horsing around for Westacres

Cailye pays a surprise visit to Westacres residents Rita (above) and Jean (below)
Cailye pays a surprise visit to Westacres residents Rita (above) and Jean (below)

Horse-loving residents at Westacres Care Home welcomed an unusual, four-legged visitor recently.

The equestrian meet and greet was organised by maintenance officer Roddy Speirs, Linda Speirs and breeder Margaret Sim, who brought Cailye — a pure white horse standing 15.2 hands high — to the Newton Mearns care home to meet Jean McDougal, Rita Ferrans and their family and friends.

Cailye caused quite a stir among residents, who linedup at the window to see her as she trotted up the path — but no one was more excitedby the surprise visit than horse lover Jean.

Clare Rooney, activities coordinator and volunteer manager at Westacres, told The Extra: “Jean has been unable to travel to see her beloved horses, after growing up with her father who bred them and trained officer horses at an RAF base during the 

“Cailye made her way to the back of the building for two of our residents, Jean and Rita Ferrans, to spend quality time with her in a calm and tranquil environment.”

While some residents watched from the windows, others came closer to meet the home’s special guest, to the delight of the staff at Westacres.

Clare added: “It was very emotional for us and for family members, hearing residents communicate with the horse and express joy and happiness.

“Some residents watched from their rooms or one of the lounges, but most made their way outside for a closer look to feed Cailye carrots and stroke her mane.

“We’ll never forget the looks on their faces, in particular Jean’s — they all thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

“The horse behaved immaculately and was extremely gentle throughout, and we wish to thank Margaret Sim for making this wonderful treat possible — and of course Cailye herself.”