Hopes for 2013

FOR The Extra’s first edition of 2013, we visited Shawlands and Newton Mearns to find out what residents expect of their respective councils in the year ahead.

While East Renfrewshire council residents were concerned with issues such as building on greenbelt in 2012, many southsiders on the Glasgow side began to stand up against the decline of Shawlands.

But what will this year hold?

Jim and Dorothy Drewett, from Giffnock, both believe ERC must take a long hard look at themselves.

Jim told The Extra: “The roads are in a dreadful state, while the pavements are worse.

“Something needs to be done. Many of the side roads are completely ignored”.

Dorothy added: “I think the whole place could do with a good clean to be honest. There is too much rubbish on the streets”.

Jane Ferguson, a 21-year-old student working part-time as a shop assistant, was on her lunch break in Shawlands when The Extra caught up with her.

She commented: “Subway travel should be subsidised. As a student it is difficult to make ends meet and the council could do more to make day to day life easier.

“I also think that in terms of jobs, they should continue to invest in business to make sure that graduates actually have employment to go into after university, rather than wasting a year or two”.

Gerry Fitzpatrick, a product developer from Giffnock, commented: “The condition of the roads and pavements is especially bad. They have been completely neglected.

“Also, the time is right for ERC to introduce parking attendants.

“At the moment, yellow lines are an invitation to park. What is the point in even having them?”

However, David Fenton, a 66-year-old consultant from Newton Mearns, can’t find much room for improvement.

He said: “East Renfrewshire council are doing a good job.

“Nobody is perfect but they’re definitely at least a seven out of ten!

“The roads are good and they look after the elderly, while the schools are the best in Scotland.

“I am pleased with the service they provide and think they should keep it up!”.

What do you think Glasgow City council or East Renfrewshire council should focus on in the year ahead? Send your views and comments to gregor.hollerin@jpress.co.uk or find us on Facebook (/ExtraSouthside) and Twitter (@ExtraSouthside).