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KITTENS abandoned in Clarkston last week are one step closer to a good home, thanks to police and local animal lovers.

A resident discovered a box containing three kittens on Monday night, and contacted Giffnock police station.

Unfortunately, one of the cats hadn’t survived the ordeal – however the remaining two were cared for overnight by officers, before being handed over to the Giffnock branch of Cats Protection.

Sergeant Susan Gillon told The Extra: “The call came in at 11.30pm, when they were found by a member of the public in a lane off Carmunnock Road.

“The kittens were kept in the police office overnight, and the Cats Protection branch was contacted to come for them in the morning.

“Luckily they didn’t seem emaciated or anything like that, and there was lots of attention given to them at the station – everyone wanted to take them home”.

Lisa Kay, a Giffnock-based fosterer, is now looking after the terrified animals – thought to be around one year old.

She explained: “We know that someone found them in a box that was duct-taped with just a couple of holes punched through.

“Unfortunately, one was dead when the box was handed in at Giffnock police station, which is horrible to hear.

“The other two weren’t in too bad a state – we think they were only in the box for a few days. But the vet has since told us that they can dehydrate that quickly, which is maybe why the third didn’t survive.

“They now need a good week or so to recover before they can be rehomed, because they’re still terrified”.

Fortunately, both Willow and Feather – as named by Lisa – have now been reserved, and will soon move on to their new homes.

But the cat lover issued a plea to fellow pet owners: “To anyone struggling to look after a cat, I’d ask that you contact us.

“Whether it’s money, stress in the house, a move – we can help by fostering it. There are so many charities out there as well as us, and we don’t judge people. We just don’t want to see this again – or something worse.

“As for these cats, we hope that someone might recognise them and get in touch, so that we can find out what happened”.

Anyone with information – or who wishes to find out more about adopting a cat – can contact the Giffnock branch on 638 5110.