Holyrood warns: be ready for winter

Transport Minister Keith Brown launches the Get Ready for Winter campaign
Transport Minister Keith Brown launches the Get Ready for Winter campaign
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ARE you ready for winter? A Scottish government campaign aims to get you set for the colder months — and a few simple steps could make all the difference.

The met office has predicted rapidly falling temperatures and freezing conditions across Scotland — with November up to three degrees colder than 2012.

A Meteogroup forecaster said: “It will struggle to get up to four or five degrees and during the nights temperatures will be below zero, meaning frost across most places.”

The Holyrood campaign suggests planning ahead, whether it’s stocking up or thinking about long journeys.

Check the forecast and road conditions, consider the need to travel and alternative routes. Make sure your mobile phone is charged, your car is winter-ready and that you have an emergency kit with de-icer, shovel, torch, warm clothes, food and drink, a first aid kit and battery leads.

When walking or cycling, dress for the weather and ensure you are visible to drivers.

There are steps to take at home too, including collecting emergency items. Ensure that you have access to a grit bin (mapped on Glasgow and East Renfrewshire council websites) and stock up on bottled water and food.

Backing the campaign is Liam Rankine, from Cathcart, who was caught out on his way to work in December last year.

Liam (36) said: “I was on the M8 and the traffic was backed up. It took me two hours to move 200 yards. I managed to get off the motorway and made the decision to leave my car and walk two miles to the train station.

“I now have blankets in my car and extra warm clothes permanently.

“Up until last year, I was completely unprepared — that day was a real eye opener.”