Holyrood pupils build a better future

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MORE than 40 pupils and staff from Holyrood secondary school are making the final preparations for their annual trip to Blantyre in Malawi to help build and refurbish classrooms.

The school, now in the eighth year of the Holyrood — Malawi Partnership, have built and helped refurbished numerous classrooms in primary schools in the country over the years.

This year their ambitious plans include work at three schools — Zingwanga, CI and Matindi primary — with aims to construct amongst other things, a toilet block for disabled children and a school library.

The pupils had to raise almost £2,000 through several charity events to fund their trip.

Sixth year Laura Rodgers (17) told The Extra: “It’s our chance to make a difference and make things better for those less fortunate. It will be a far more fulfilling holiday than any other I could go on”.

Tom McDonald, former headteacher of Holyrood Secondary, said: “Each year it’s like going home and the warm welcome we receive each time stays in the hearts of us all.

“For the pupils to experience such an amazing adventure is life changing and we all come back from the trip with many emotions”.