Holding out for a hero?

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Giffnock theatremaker Kenny Boyle is heading to home turf at long last — and again, he’s on his lonesome.

The co-founder of Sonic Boom is going on tour with the Glasgow company’s latest one man show, Hero Worship — including a date at Eastwood Park Theatre.

Kenny, who runs Sonic Boom with Clare Sheppard, told The Extra: “We’re at Eastwood at last — I haven’t performed there since I was 12, in a Hans Christian Andersen musical.

“It’s great to be performing in the theatre I drive past most days. It’s so much bigger than I remember, and a bit nervewracking performing to my neighbours. I performed at the Globe last year and that was great, but I feel more pressure to be good at Eastwood Park.”

Still, Kenny’s character has some superpowers to fall back on — or he will, once he figures out what they are.

He explained: “It’s about a fella who’s a little bit lost in the world, and isn’t sure what he’s meant for — until he decides to become a superhero.

“He wants to fight crime but he doesn’t know what his superpower is. I’m hoping it feels intimate, because it’s about making a connection with the audience, bringing them into his world so they can join him on that journey.

“It’s told through a combination of storytelling and poetry — and hopefully it’s funny too.”

Funny may be top of the agenda as the show hits the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, and westend theatre Websters, on March 16.

Sonic Boom’s Hero Worship then arrives at Eastwood Park on March 21 — see for more info.