Help is at hand

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EAST Renfrewshire council is urging residents to give up the weed.

The council’s smoking cessation experts point out that if people quit, they can save up to £2,500 per year.

And quitting advisors Claire and Agnes say that the amount people would save can be put to better use:

1.Stopping for one day would save you £7 — enough for two movie rentals or a new lipstick.

2.Quitting for one week saves £49 which could buy a family visit to the cinema, a pair of shoes or a meal for two.

3.If you can manage to ditch the weed for a month, you could save £210 which could get you premiership football tickets or a weekend break.

4.After cessation of three months, you could use the £630 pounds you save to buy a designer bag or the latest flat screen TV.

5.If you can stay off them for six months, the saving of £1,260 could be spent buying yourself a leather suite or a top-of-the-range bike.

6.If you stay off smoking for a year, you could afford a new kitchen or go on the holiday of a lifetime with the £2,555 you would save.

Smoking cessation advisors Claire and Agnes are on hand to help those wanting to quit when they visit Barrhead Health and Care Centre on Wednesday, March 13 with an information stall and details of local, smoke-free services group support.

East Ren’s health convener, councillor Lafferty, said: “Give yourself the best chance to stop smoking.

“Don’t struggle to try and quit on your own.

“People who join a smoking cessation group are four times more likely to stop smoking.

“Come along to one of the information stands to find out just what support is available in East Renfrewshire.

“CHCP Stop Smoking groups run regularly at Clarkston clinic and Barrhead Main Street.

“To book a place — or for more information — contact East Renfrewshire Community Smokefree Services on 0141 577 4804.”