Supreme Court to judge over midwives

Both midwives work at the Southern General Hospital.
Both midwives work at the Southern General Hospital.

THE two midwives who refuse to take any part in work associated with abortions will have their case heard by the UK’s highest court.

Concepta Wood (52), from Clarkston, and Mary Doogan (58), from Garrowhill, will take their case to the Supreme Court after NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde lodged an appeal.

The two, who work for the Southern General Hospital, claimed that being made to supervise the controversial operations violated their human rights.

But a judge ruling said that neither of the women were directly involved in terminations.

However the midwives appealed to the Court of Session in Edinburgh and the three judges ruled their right to concientious objection also included the right to refuse to delegate, supervise or support staff involved in terminations.

NHSGGC will argue the scope of the right to conscientuous objection, as laid down in the 1967 Abortion Act and, in particular, the appeal judges decision to allow this to include supervision of staff in the provision of care to patients who are undergoing abortions.