Smart eats campaign gives food for thought

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Smarter food choices can help make Scotland a cleaner and greener place to live, and save pounds in your pocket too.

Many of us have lost touch with what we should be eating and when to enjoy foods at their seasonal best.

The Scottish Government has launched Happier Mealtimes to help people across the country find locally sourced, in season food, and how to prepare it.

Local, in season food is tasty, healthy and can often be cheaper. It’s also readily available, bursting with flavour and goodness, so rustling up delicious meals needn’t be difficult.

Using local suppliers and sourcing in-season food not only supports the local economy, but also contributes to a greenier, healthier lifestyle with the added bonus of knowing that your food has travelled directly from farm to fork.

Sourcing local and seasonal food couldn’t be easier, and the campaign offers tips to get started, including getting to know your local supermarkets, local greengrocers, fishmongers, butchers and farmers’ markets.

Using in-season and local food means what you eat is fresh and tasty; it can help keep shopping bills down too. Because it takes less energy to grow and has less distance to travel, it costs less to produce and transport, which often means lower prices.

By choosing to eat food that’s in season and by celebrating our natural larder, you will help to make Scotland a cleaner, greener place, and have Happier Mealtimes.

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