Is your heart healthy? Time for a free checkup

Nuffield Health gym, Giffnock
Nuffield Health gym, Giffnock

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day it’s only natural to start thinking about hearts, chocolates and flowers - isn’t it?

This February Nuffield Health is encouraging residents to think about their own hearts as part of a free heart health event at Glasgow Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gyms.

The one day event will give guests the opportunity to learn more about their own heart health, ways to improve it and potential risks to look out for.

Nuffield Health experts will also be on hand to provide details of tests which can help identify heart issues as well as giving free Vo2 max tests which indicate levels of cardiovascular fitness.

Diet and lifestyle choices will also be discussed and how certain conditions contribute to heart disease.

Here Nuffield Health’s head of fitness, Chris Foster provides his five top tips for keeping your heart healthy:

1. Don’t smoke - Smoking or using tobacco of any kind is one of the most significant risk factors for de­veloping heart disease.

2. Exercise for 150 minutes per week. Getting some regular, daily exercise can reduce your risk of fatal heart disease and when you combine it with maintaining a healthy weight, the payoff is even greater.

3. Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease. Following a Medi­terranean style diet which is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and oily fish can reduce your risk of heart disease.

4. Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight, especially if you carry excess weight around your middle, increases your risk of heart disease.

5. Get enough quality sleep. Sleep deprivation can do a lot more than leave you yawning throughout the day; it can seriously harm your health.

The event takes place on February 16 at 82, Braidholm Road, Giffnock.