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Smoking cessation
Smoking cessation

NEW years resolutions may be waning as we reach mid-month – but what if yours could save your life?

Every year 13,000 Scots die from smoking-related illnesses. It is one of the major – yet most preventable – causes of ill-health and premature death in Scotland.

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation

After nearly 80,000 quit attempts made in 2010 – an increase of eight per cent on the previous year – the Scottish government has once again launched a campaign to promote stubbing out the habit.

Figures show that improvements need to be made, as less than half of those attempting to quit manage to stay off the dreaded weed first time.

Many find support services helpful — in fact, those who use them are four times more likely to be off cigarettes a month later.

East Renfrewshire council has already kicked off the smoking cessation service for 2012, reminding residents that its health improvement team runs clinics in Clarkston and Barrhead.

The groups are friendly and informal – and best of all, free to use.

ERC health convener, councillor Douglas Yates, commented: “Smoking does an enormous amount of damage to people’s health and the health of others around them.

“The start of the year is the most popular time for people to overhaul their health and this is a great opportunity for anyone who has been thinking about quitting smoking, to take their first step towards that goal”.

The East Ren team can offer support and advice on 577 4804 – and if you live in Glasgow, the same service is available on 0800 028 5208, or by approaching any southside pharmacy.

There’s also the national advice service Smokeline, where trained advisers can provide information on the quitting options available.

If you want to kick the habit but haven’t figured out how, Smokeline can talk you through the best options to suit your lifestyle and needs, from patches and gum to local support.

Smokeline can be reached on 0800 84 84 84 or by visiting www.canstopsmoking.com.