Baby dies after infection at Glasgow hospital

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A premature baby has died after contracting an infection at the new Royal Hospital for Children, on the site of the Southern General.

The child, who had existing medical problems, passed away at the weekend.

Five other babies are suffering from a gastrointestinal infection, known as Serratia marcescens, at the neonatal unit, although an NHS representative said none are “giving cause for concern”.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s public health protection unit and infection control team are now investigating a rise in the infection, first identified in July.

Alan Mathers, chief of medicine for Women and Children’s Services, said: “Our deepest sympathies are with the family of the baby who so sadly passed away.

“Serratia marcescens can be naturally occurring in the gut and its presence on or in the body (colonisation) is not harmful in healthy people.

“However given the vulnerability of premature babies, Serratia marcescens infections, where the colonised bacteria gets into the bloodstream, can occur.

“Our staff are in communication with the families to keep them fully informed.”