Health centre stand-off.

MSP Jackson Carlaw’s meeting with the local health board continues to cause debate.

Following last week’s discussion, Mr Carlaw claimed that he had “secured a commitment” to a new health centre for Newton Mearns.

However, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde chairman Robert Calderwood disagreed with the MSP’s interpretation.

Now, the pair are at a stand off, with both parties arguing that their interpretation of events is the right one.

Julie Murray, director of East Renfrewshire community health and care partnership, who was present at the meeting, told The Extra: “While we have a longer term aspiration to have an integrated health and care facility serving the people of Eastwood we have not, nor cannot, give any commitment at this stage that it will be delivered”.

Mr Carlaw countered: “The acceptance of a need for such a facility is new as was the commitment to publish detailed plans this year.

“I was advised that the Health Board intend to publish their plans for the provision of  health care in Eastwood during 2011 and that this would include in their ambition for the community, providing a health centre with integrated services.

“No commitment was given as to timing (and I did not indicate otherwise) beyond the aspirational ambition of it being hoped for sometime in the course of the next decade.

He added: “It was also clear that whatever scheme was proposed would compete for such funds available with other projects”.

Health board chair Robert Calderwood continued: “It would be wrong to interpret what the CHCP will be taking forward as anything other than a sign of intent to deliver a new modern integrated community health development serving Eastwood. “But that is only should the resources be found”.

Mr Carlaw placed a motion in the Scottish Parliament last year which established that Newton Mearns is not currently resourced as it should be.

He argued that the area’s large population, many of whom are elderly, need a health centre comparable to that set to open in Barrhead.