MEMBERS of the Giffnock rock choir are taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime concert next month – at Wembley stadium.

The budding singing group, formed in December, will be joining up to 7,000 singers from choirs across the country for a one-off performance on May 15.

The show will also be televised, as ITV film a documentary on the rock choir craze sweeping the nation.

Eastwood resident Anne Feeney is one of 12 Giffnock choir members making her stadium début — and she can’t wait to get up there and sing.

Admin assistant Anne (56) told The Extra: “Everyone’s buzzing about the show — when else are we going to get the opportunity to sing at Wembley?

“It’s very exciting, especially since we’re not the best of singers”.

The amateur says her favourite part of joining the group was “that I didn’t have to audition – and if you hit a bum note, no one cares”.

She must be doing something right, as all the groups in Scotland joined together recently for a rehearsal performance watched by rock choir founder Caroline Redman Lusher, who Anne describes as “inspirational, she stirred us all up”.

Audiences attending the large-scale sing-along — and those watching at home — can expect a variety of songs, and Anne hopes one in particular will be included.

She explained: “As choirs progress, the songs get harder – we do three-part harmonies at the minute but some choirs do as much as eight parts.

“But the most uplifting song we’ve learned so far is — Something Inside So Strong — it’s just amazing.

“By the end you’re either smiling, or there are tears running down your face because it’s so affecting”.

And Anne won’t be without family support on the big day, as her London-based nephew and his girlfriend have booked their places already - his turn, she says, after all the visits she’s paid him.

She continued: “Whatever songs we end up singing, it will be great to say we did it at Wembley – we’re all really looking forward to it”.

To find out more about the choir, which meets in the Giffnock united reformed church on Monday evenings, e-mail elaine@rockchoir.com.