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Fancy having your say on The Extra’s hot topic of the week?

Over on The Extra’s Facebook page we’re starting something new — our very own Question of the Week.

Each week, we’ll be posting up a question for you to comment on, and we’ll take a selection of those comments to share in the printed paper.

To kick it all off, we asked an age-old question: do you think that children today are missing out on the stuff we did as kids — building bogeys, making dens, being outdoors playing? Our Facebook followers certainly seem to think so.

Caroline Gardiner commented: “I absolutely agree that kids are missing out on the outdoor activities we all used to do as kids.

“And they spend too much time on their bums on computers — but the sad fact of the matter is parents are scared to let their kids venture too far out of sight.

“We don’t all have big gardens or parks in our view to give them that freedom safely.

“I’d love my wee girl to get out and explore and use her imagination for play and games...but the world has become a far more dangerous place to be.

“Sad but true! And parents won’t take that risk.”

Valerie Paton said: “Children are wrapped up in cotton wool too much these days. It’s important for a child to learn limits and consequences. You can’t beat playing outdoors and getting mucky. Let kids be kids!”What do you think? Share your thoughts on letting kids be kids — or on next week’s big question — by visiting The Extra’s Facebook page.