Happy New Year to readers of The Extra

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New year messages from Glasgow and East Renfrewshire’s provosts...

Sadie Docherty

Lord provost of Glasgow

New Year is a time when we reflect and look forward, with a sense of anticipation. Some of us will take stock and may resolve to do something new or do something differently.

As first citizen I have the opportunity of meeting and greeting people from all corners of the world on behalf of the citizens of Glasgow. The overwhelming reaction I receive from people is that they love Glasgow and its people. The people of Glasgow are unique and I am proud to be a Glaswegian.

I have witnessed our city reinvent itself into the vibrant city it is today.

There is also great pride in how our city responded to the tragic incident at the Clutha Vaults. What happened that night has ignited a renewed belief in the courage and compassion of our citizens, who pulled together in sympathy for the families and friends of those affected by the tragedy.

Glasgow has never lacked heart, spirit or determination. As we celebrate Christmas and bring in a New Year, I hope everyone in Glasgow will continue to share our sense of community spirit and join us on the journey that is Glasgow 2014.

I wish you all The Extra’s readers a happy and healthy New Year.

Alastair Carmichael

Provost of East Renfrewshire

I hope all our residents had a very happy Christmas and have a healthy New Year.

It is, perhaps, time for most of us to reflect on the year we are about to leave behind.

For many in East Renfrewshire — and indeed across the whole country — 2013 will have been one of the most difficult years they have ever experienced.

Perhaps we should spend a little time to reflect on what is important.

Spend time with loved ones and being thankful for all that we have.

I would ask, then, that you spare a thought for those who may find life difficult. Take time out of your hectic schedule to visit a relative or neighbour who is on their own.

May I wish each and every one of The Extra’s readers a peaceful and prosperous 2014.