Guiding light at Mearns Cross

Memorial floodlight
Memorial floodlight

THE WAR memorial at Mearns Cross is set to shine more brightly for all to see thanks to a new floodlight.

Jim Neary, chairman of the British Legion Newton Mearns branch, told The Extra: “I am delighted to announce that the war memorial at Mearns Cross will now be permanently floodlit.

“Working closely with East Renfrewshire roads and lighting department, the British Legion has paid for this work to be done to enhance and improve the war memorial site.

“This site is now an excellent memorial to those that lost their lives in past wars and everyone in Newton Mearns and beyond can be proud of this wonderful site now”.

Ian McAlpine, Newton Mearns south councillor added: “East Renfrewshire Council was very pleased to work closely with the British Legion to ensure this work was done properly, efficiently and to have permanent floodlighting in the area.

“I am so pleased with how fantastic the war memorial looks that I have now asked East Renfrewshire council’s planning department to look at designating the area as a conservation area, or similar, to ensure that the memorial is preserved and maintained for future generations to enjoy.

“This will now be looked at by the planning service in the next few months.

“I congratulate the British Legion for all their hard work to improve and enhance this important site at Mearns Cross”.