Green MSP reveals plans to improve bus service

Commuters are disheartened by level of service.
Commuters are disheartened by level of service.

THE Green Party are looking at ways of improving the bus service in Glasgow.

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow, has launched an interactive campaign which, he hopes, will help improve the city’s delivery of transport services.

The idea is that commuters can air their views on a web site called, or by a Twitter account, @betterbuses.

There has already been interest shown on both the web site and Twitter with commuters commenting on their own experiences.

One man said he had stopped using the bus due to what he described as “extortionate fares” and is walking three miles to the nearest train station instead.

Another called for the introduction of a system similar to London’s Oyster card — which is akin to the way pensioners already pay their fare with a card and reader.

Mr Harvie said: “Half of Glasgow’s households don’t have access to a car, so it’s essential we get a better bus service in and around the city.

“Motorists have loud and powerful lobby groups — I want to give a voice to Glasgow’s bus users.

“Neither the private companies running the buses nor the Scottish government are inspecting the level of service, so I’m urging passengers to become Better Bus Inspectors and share their views.

“Buses should be affordable and accessible, and shaped by people’s needs rather than company profits”.

Mr Harvie lead a team of volunteers on visits to bus stations and stops around the city to obtain the views of passengers.

Many expressed frustration at the frequency, punctuality and condition of the buses.

Poor weekend and evening services were also top concerns.

Comments received will be used to formulate the next stage of the campaign whick will seek action from the government and bus companies.

The news comes soon after First Bus announced an increase in bus fares from April 1.