Great Outdoors is child’s play for Muirhead

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Muirhead children have a new outdoor space to enjoy – complete with rope swings and obstacle coursess – at the Jigsaw Family Learning Centre.

The nursery acquired the plot of land in partnership with St Barbara’s Primary School to develop a Forest Garden that would give children a place to play in natural settings.

Jacquie McArthur, head of Jigsaw Family Learning Centre, said:“Through exploration and creativity from playing outdoors, they are developing their social, communication and physical skills.

“In turn they will become more focused, independent and confident learners.

“Across North Lanarkshire nurseries are finding innovative ways to give children the opportunities to access a natural environment. In today’s digital world this is essential.”

The gardens were officially opened by David Craig, North Lanarkshire Council education officer.

Funds for the project came from parents and also Tesco, which donated £5,000 from its plastic bag scheme.

The centre caters for children from birth to five years of age.