Govanhill’s latest stage show reaches for the stars

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Supporters of the Govanhill Baths cause are no strangers to politics — and the venue’s latest theatre production is diving into a national issue head first.

The Edwardian swimming pool building — closed in 2001 by Glasgow city council and the subject of mass protests and occupation — has been repurposed as a community facility.

Now, Govanhill theatre buffs are turning their attentions to the area’s immigrant population with a 19th century Romanian poem.

Written and directed by Romanian-born Alexa Ispas — an author who arrived in Scotland in 2001 — Hyperion is an adaptation of Mihai Eminescu’s Luceafarul, and an attempt to bring Romanian and Scottish cultures closer together.

Alexa said: “I was disturbed by the recent explosive upsurge of scaremongering among the media, due to the UK’s granting of work rights to Romanian nationals.

“I decided that this is the time to introduce my Scottish friends to the beautiful gifts that Romanian culture has to offer the world.”

Hyperion will blend hip-hop, movement, video projection, found objects and comedy to bring to life a love story between a beautiful young girl and the morning star.

The production has added weight with performer and playwright Jo Clifford as the voice of God — and, as with previous productions, the action takes place within the swimming pool.

Hyperion runs at Govanhill Baths June 24-28, 7.30pm. Tickets are £8/£6 from