Govanhill clean up to get under way next week

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Essential maintenance works will be carried out in the Govanhill area next month.

This will include litter picking, street sweeping, weed removal, gully cleaning and street lighting maintenance.

These works are due to start on Tuesday, May 7, for a period of three weeks.

Parking and loading will be restricted on specific streets during this period with notifications posted to inform residents when the restrictions will take place and where.

Councillor Soryia Siddique said: “Govanhill Action Plan included a commitment to a deep clean of the area.

“I am delighted this is progressing and due to take place in May.

“This will involved litter picking, street sweeping and cleaning of gullies and street light maintenance.

“I look forward to seeing an improvement in the local living environment. However, this also requires a long-term commitment of resources and enforcement.”